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The Challenge

Our client has new product launch; Fresco Cappuccino.

Their objectives are increase awareness and trial. They also need utilize their new Jingle Fresco Cappuccino into digital activation.

The Solution

We held three big campaigns of #FresCollaboration within 6 months. We invite KOL from music enthusiast and also collabs with crowdfunding

The Result

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The Activities

Frescollaboration 1 (Donation with KitaBisa & 5 KOL)

With our Fresco campaign, we invite our audience to collaborate by arranging the Fresco Cappuccino jingle created by @alif.rizq, a content creator. The best participants are rewarded with prizes. All submissions are converted into donations through

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Frescollaboration 2 (NgopiJo with Desy JKT48)

In #FresCollaboration 2, we invite our audience to once again collaborate with @alif.rizq. This time, we ask them to write lyrics about the pandemic, which are turned into songs by Alif. We also invite @jkt48desy to our IG Live session to increase awareness on #FresCollaboration 2

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Frescollaboration 3 (Online Concert Alif Rizky X Brisia Jodie)

As the closing campaign, #FresCollaboration 3 brings our audience the collaboration between @alif.rizq and @brisiajodie96 in an online concert. Brisia Jodie is chosen as she is a unique musician with 5 million followers on her Instagram account, which helps us heighten the awareness on our brand.

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